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An International/Interdisciplinary Journal on Japanese Studies

 Call for Papers for two consequtive issues:

  • Issue Number 2: Japan’s Interaction with the Turkish and the Muslim World
  • Issue Number 3: Japanese Popular Culture and Literature

(Deadline for Submission: 20 Oct 2019)



Partner Institution: Japanese Studies Association of Turkey (JAD)

Editor-in-chief: Erdal Küçükyalçın (Ph.D.)


Information for Prospective Authors


Global Perspectives on Japan (GPJ) is an Open Access, International/Interdisciplinary Journal on Japanese Studies. It is mainly published online, but print-on-demand is also available.

The first issue of GPJ was published in 2017 and presented to academia with a launching ceremony during the 15th International Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies held in Lisbon. The issue was titled “Technology and Nature” and it was dedicated to the “26th JAWS Meeting in Istanbul”.

(You can access the first issue via the following link)

The publication of the second issue for 2018 had to be postponed due to dire economic conditions in Turkey.

GPJ is now calling for submissions for two consequtive issues to be published within 2019. These issues are generously supported by the Toshiba Foundation.

  • Issue Number 2Japan’s Interaction with the Turkish and the Muslim World
  • Issue Number 3Japanese Popular Culture and Literature


Global Perspectives on Japan’ is an Open Acess, peer-reviewed (double-blind), multi-disciplinary academic journal on Japan related topics, published on a yearly basis. Language of publication is English. Both hard-copy and digital editions are distributed worldwide.


Global Perspectives on Japan focuses on developing a global perspective on the study of Japan and Asia. The journal promotes innovative, interdisciplinary, inter-regional and transnational approaches to Japanese Studies.

The journal aims to be a venue for scholarship in E.M.E.A. region with a special focus on Turkey and neighboring regions. It especially encourages scholars from the Middle East, Balkans, Central Asia and the Mediterranean but also welcomes scholars from other parts of the world.

GPJ invites papers in the fields of history, humanities, and social sciences including topics of the past and the present. In addition to articles, the journal publishes occasional article size translations, book reviews, and surveys of current trends in Japanese and Asian Studies.

Please check-out the Submission Guidelines for Articles.

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