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Current Status and Issues of Basic Education Guarantee in Japan under the Corona Crisis

Author: Makiko Shinya & Yohei Tanada

Source: Global Perspectives on Japan (GPJ), No.6 (2023), pp.171-180
Publisher: Forum Tauri Press
Keywords: : Basic education guarantee, coronavirus, pandemic, school attendance, Japanese education


This article clarifies four points with respect to the current status and challenges of basic education guarantee in Japan during the coronavirus pandemic: “Decrease in the number of learners and supporters”, “Possibilities and challenges of online activities”, “Growing needs for basic education”, and “Need for a fact-finding survey”. The background of the decrease in the number of learners and supporters can be attributed to (1) the decrease in the number of new learners due to restrictions on the number of foreign immigrants, (2) the long-term suspension of activities, and (3) the departure of learners and supporters due to difficulties and insecurity in terms of living and health. In the field of basic education guarantee for the coronavirus pandemic, the function of consultation as well as support for daily life, health, and application procedures for special fixed benefits, vaccinations proves to be indispensable.