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From “Japanese Studies” to “International Japanese Studies” from Japan

Author:Masashi Oguchi 

Source: Global Perspectives on Japan (GPJ), No.1 (2017), pp.79-91
Publisher: Forum Tauri Press
Keywords: Japanese Studies, Hosei University, International Japanese Studies, CEEJA, Japanese Identity


“Japanese Studies” has become a word used ordinarily throughout the world, I think the term “International Japanese Studies” is a new wording created by the Hosei University. To prove this, the founders of the institution applied to Japan Patent Office and registered the name “Research Center for International Japanese Studies” as a trademark. Therefore in Japan, the establishment of an institution under the title of “Research Center for International Japanese Studies” had lawfully become the exclusive right of Hosei University. Here, I will discuss the meaning of this new field “International Japanese Studies” and try to summarize our activities and their results.