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Peer Review Policy for Global Perspectives on Japan (GPJ)

The GPJ is a double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes original research articles in the field of social sciences. The goal of the peer-review process is to ensure that only high-quality, original and relevant research is published in the journal.

Peer Review Process:

  1. Submitted articles are assigned to an editor who evaluates their suitability for publication in GPJ.
  2. If the article meets the journal’s criteria, it will be sent to at least two independent peer reviewers for evaluation.
  3. Peer reviewers are selected based on their expertise in the relevant field.
  4. Peer reviewers are provided with a copy of the submitted article and asked to provide a detailed evaluation within four to six weeks.
  5. The reviewer’s comments and recommendations are shared with the author(s), who are given the opportunity to revise their article in light of the feedback received.
  6. Based on the reviewer’s feedback, the editor makes a final decision on whether to accept, reject or request further revisions to the article.
  7. If the article is accepted, it is then prepared for publication.


All peer review processes are confidential. Reviewers are asked to maintain the confidentiality of the review process and to not discuss the review or article with anyone outside of the peer-review process.

Conflict of Interest:

Peer reviewers are asked to disclose any potential conflicts of interest before accepting a review invitation. Conflicts of interest include but are not limited to: personal relationships with the author(s), direct competition with the author(s), and previous collaboration with the author(s).


If an author is not satisfied with the outcome of the peer review process, they may submit an appeal to the editor. The editor will review the appeal and make a final decision on the publication of the article.


The peer review process typically takes approximately eight to ten weeks from the date of submission to the final decision. The journal aims to communicate decisions to authors as quickly as possible and will make every effort to meet the timeline.

This Peer Review Policy may be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

By submitting an article to GPJ, the author(s) agree to abide by this Peer Review Policy and the Journal’s Ethical Guidelines.