Constitutional Amendment Debates in Japan

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Editor’s Note, Erdal K. Yalcin



  • Narrative Development across Cultural and Historical Contexts: A Case Study of the Asian Versions of The Homecoming Husband, Saida Khalmirzaeva
  • Japanese Sōtō Zen Monastery as a Worldly Institution, Merve Susuz Aygül
  • Strengthening Germany-Japan Security Cooperation: An Examination of the Trends, Reasons, and Challenges, Weijing Xing
  • An Elite Analysis: Reimagining LDP’s Factions, 1955-1993, Yalın Akçevin

Selected Abbreviated Translations

  • International Comparison of Constitutional Reform Processes in Terms of the Requirements of Indirect and Direct Democracy, Takashi Kitamura
  • The Image of “the State” Seen in Japanese Historical Novels: From Nation-state to a New Public Order Like The EU, Inoue Noriyuki
  • Current Status and Issues of Basic Education Guarantee in Japan under the Corona Crisis, Makiko Shinya & Yohei Tanada
  • Cognitive Linguistics and Japanese-Language Education: How to deal with cross-cultural conflict?, Michiyo Moriya
  • From The Perspective of Language Simplification Easy Japanese and Sign Language News, Matsumoto Miho

Constitutional Amendment Debates in Japan

Translated Abstracts of Selected Recent Japanese Literature
  • Public Opinion on Constitutional Amendment in Postwar Japan: An Analysis of a “Pooling the Polls” Method, Hirofumi Miwa & Shiro Sakaiya
  • A Study on the Civilian Control concerning the Constitution of Japan, Article 66th Paragraph 2, Isaku Shibata
  • Democracy and Constitutional Amendment regarding the Constitution of Japan, Ryosuke Yamada
  • The Process of Making “Draft of Constitutional Revisions by Hisatada HIROSE”: The Note of Arguments
    About Constitutional Revisions, Keisuke Arakuni
  • On Liberal Democratic Party’s Draft Revision of Japanese Constitution, Shigeaki Iijima
  • Problems of the Bill for a Referendum on the Amendment of the Constitution of Japan, Shigeaki İijima
  • Memorandum on the Referendum Law for the Constitutional Amendments: From the Perspective of the
    People’s Freedom of Speech on the Right to Know, Hiroyuki Ota
  • The Making of the Amendment Clause in the Japanese Constitution of Japan – Formation on Process of
    the MacArthur Draft and its Background, Masatoshi Takahashi
  • Significance of Unwritten Constitution in England and Japan: As Help of Consideration of the Problem of Amendment to the Japanese Constitution, Yoshimine Komori
  • Comments on the Chapter 1 “The Emperor” of the Draft for the Amandmend of the Constitution of Japan
    by the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan: In Contrast to the Current Constitution, Toru Enoki
  • A Short Bibliography on Recent Scholarship, Hiroto Naiki

Book Review: Late Ottoman Istanbul Theater from a Japanese Perspective by Yuzo Nagata and Hikari
Egawa, Selçuk Esenbel