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Karamanname of Şikari /History of the Karamanids (Mid-16th century)

Karamanname_first pageKaramanname of Şikari /History of the Karamanids (Mid-16th century), is a rather peculiar alternative history manuscript for the Ottoman history. Largely neglected until recent times, the manuscript in Turkish contains a critical stance towards the Ottoman power. Based on a yet unknown history written in 14th century by a certain Yarcani, the author Şikari (meaning the hunter), evaluates the early Ottoman history from a totally different point of view. He often criticizes Sultan Osman, the founder of the empire and calls him “a mere shepherd” as opposed to the noble Karamanid dynasty.

Note: The powerful Karamanid dynasty, the arc-rival of the Ottomans in south-central Anatolia, posed continuous threat to them from 13th century until they were finally crushed in  1487.

Karamanname coverThe manuscript was translated into modern Turkish and edited by Metin Sözen & Necdet Sakaoğlu, and published by the Karaman City Municipality in 2005. Download…

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