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Breeze & Storm – Nomadic Culture and Tribal Politics Along the Silk Road

Author: Isenbike Togan


This book’s essays explore the cultural interactions between nomadic and sedentary societies across Asia, challenging the traditional view of a higher culture influencing a lower one. Instead, it presents them as equals in human interaction, examining aspects such as political structures, trade, aesthetics, and oral literature, with a focus on socio-political changes within nomadic communities, particularly among the Mongols, challenging gender roles.

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Nomadic people have been associated with storm rather than breeze in terms of their activities across Asia. The collection of essays in this volume however emphasizes both, but gives more space to breeze in terms of cultural interaction and mutual influence with sedentary societies. In general, cultural influence is perceived as coming from sedentary societies as a civilizing process and effecting nomads. Essays in this volume do not speak of a higher culture affecting a lower culture, but look at the nomads and the sedentary people as equals in terms of human interaction, cultural influences existing in political structures, trade, aesthetic patters and oral literature. In addition the stormy aspect is not focused on conquests, but on aspects of socio-political change within nomadic societies.  A look not from the vantage point of an outsider, but more from the inside raises new questions as to gender roles within nomadic societies especially among the Mongols.



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