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The Fourth Silk Cities International Conference: Intangible Heritage, Cities and Communities along the Silk Roads and beyond… 

(March 4-6, 2024, Tunis, Tunisia)

The upcoming Fourth Silk Cities International Conference, titled “Intangible Heritage, Cities, and Communities along the Silk Roads and beyond,” explores the profound interconnection of cultural practices, rituals, and traditional knowledge with urban life. This global and peer-reviewed event aspires to cultivate dialogue among scholars, practitioners, and policymakers across diverse disciplines. The focus lies on understanding the dynamic relationship between intangible heritage and urban environments, particularly in light of rapid urban transformations and global challenges. The conference aims to extend theoretical boundaries and integrate intangible heritage into urban policies, fostering sustainable development and resilience. With a commitment to transcending geographic borders and uniting communities, the conference plans to collaborate with Springer to produce a high-profile academic publication.

Set against the backdrop of Dar Lasram, one of the palaces in the UNESCO world heritage site of the Medina of Tunis, the conference is scheduled to take place from March 4-6, 2024. This interdisciplinary event encompasses a broad spectrum of themes ranging from urban studies to geopolitics. The conference program is designed to offer a unique and enriching experience for participants. In addition to traditional conference sessions, attendees can engage in workshops, academic discussions, guided tours of the Medina, and optional activities like calligraphy and perfume workshops. This exciting conference provides a comprehensive platform for scholarly exchange and exploration.

The detailed program of the conference has not been published. For further information you can follow the link below.

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