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Facial_Chronicle_-_b.10,_p.299_-_Battle_of_Kosovo_(1389)The Battle of Kosovo (Serbian: Косовска битка, Kosovska bitka; Turkish: Kosova Meydan Muharebesi) took place on 15 June 1389. between the army led by the Serbian Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović, and the invading army of the Ottoman Empire under the command of Sultan Murad Hüdavendigâr. The Battle of Kosovo took place in Kosovo Polje in Branković’s Serbia, in the present-day Prishtina District of Kosovo. Its site is about 5 kilometers northwest of the modern city of Prishtina.

The bulk of both armies were wiped out in the battle; both Lazar and Murad lost their lives in it. Although Ottomans managed to annihilate the Serbian army, they also suffered high casualties which delayed their progress. Consequently, one after the other, the Serbian principalities that were not already Ottoman vassals became so in the following years. Read more…



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