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Battle_of_Nicopolis,_1396,_Facsimile_of_a_Miniature_Conserved_in_the_Topkapi_Museum_in_Istanbul-The Battle of Nicopolis (Turkish: Niğbolu Muharebesi) took place on 25 September 1396 and resulted in the rout of an allied crusader army of Hungarian, Bulgarian, Croatian,Wallachian, French, Burgundian, German and assorted troops (assisted by the Venetian navy) at the hands of anOttoman force, raising of the siege of the Danubian fortress of Nicopolis and leading to the end of the Second Bulgarian Empire. It is often referred to as the Crusade of Nicopolis as it was one of the last large-scale Crusades of the Middle Ages, together with the Crusade of Varna in 1443–1444. Read more…


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