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İskendername / Book of Alexander (1390)

İskendername Ahmediİskendername (Book of Alexander) by Ahmedi, is an early manuscript of Ottoman historiography. It follows the Islamic tradition of telling the story of Alexander the Great’s (Dhulqarneyn: The Double-horned) deeds as the legendary conqueror of the world. The book serves as a Siyasetname (Book of Government) for the rulers by setting Alexander as a role model.

The significance of the book comes from the fact that its final chapter titled “Dâstân-ı Tevârîh-i Mülûk-i Âl-i Osmân” (The legend and history of the state of the House of Osman) contains one of the earliest accounts in Turkish of the House of Osman which still was an emirate on the rise. Download…

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